What is the European Alumni Meeting (EAM)?

The EAM is the yearly meeting between the European Representative in the UWPIAA and the European Alumni. It’s a way for Europeans to communicate with each other and make sure that the European alumni voice is heard in the UWPIAA.
The EAM has become a terrific venue for European alumni to connect or reconnect with friends and other people from all over Europe and the World.
The EAM offers fun times and meetings where we share thoughts on our national associations, the International Alumni Association and of course about UWP.

Jerko Bozikovic from Belgium has been the European Representative since September 2015 .

List of past EAM locations

2017 Apr 28-30Leiden (in conjunction with cast A17 show and UWP Board of Director’s meeting)The Netherlands
2016 Apr 22-24Rome Italy
2015 May 14-17Munich (Celebrating EAM 25-years and UWP 50-years) (in conjunction with cast A15 show)Germany
2014 May 1-4Tallinn (in conjunction with UWPIAA BOG-meeting)Estonia
2013 May 24-26AntwerpBelgium
2012 May 27-29Stockholm (in conjunction with cast A12 show and UWP Board of Director’s meeting)Sweden
2011 May 27-29PragueCzech Republic
2010 May 14-16L’Alfàs del Pi (Alicante)Spain
2009 May 1-3GenevaSwitzerland
2008 May 2-4HelsinkiFinland
2007 May 11-13Roskilde (in conjunction with a Cast show)Denmark
2006 May 5-7MadridSpain
2005 Mar 11-13Amsterdam (in conjunction with UWPIAA BOG-meeting)The Netherlands
2004 Mar 12-14Cologne (in conjunction with UWPIAA BOG-meeting)Germany
2003 Feb 28 – Mar 2StockholmSweden
2002 Mar 1-3Antwerp (in conjunction with UWPIAA BOG-meeting)Belgium
2001 Mar 9-11DublinIrland
2000 Mar 10-12AmsterdamThe Netherlands
1999 Mar 5-7CopenhagenDenmark
1998 Mar 6-8PragueCzech Republic
1997 Feb 14-16MunichGermany
1996 Feb 23-25OsloNorway
1995 Feb 17-19BlankenbergeBelgium
1994 Feb 25-27Köniz/BernSwitzerland
1993 Feb 26-28LisbonPortugal
1992 Feb 21-23CopenhagenDenmark
1991 Feb 23-24StuttgartGermany