General informations
Engelberg is the summer sports Mecca! There is everything you can imagine: more than 100 different options! The tEAM has selected and organized some activities for you to choose from. Of course everybody is free to organize whatever they would like to, according to available time and wishes.
Informations about Engelberg
Free transportation in Engelberg

We are in the mountains. The weather can change within minutes. Warm temperatures followed by snowfall are possible. Be prepared for everything!

The weather is always good – with the right clothes! Depending on the activities you are planning, it is always appropriate to take adequate clothes. Jacket and rain protection belong to your basic equipment. While hiking or walking, light pants and a quick-drying shirt are advisable.

Comfortable hiking boots are mandatory not only for hikes but also for most of your planned activities.

Backpack catering
Bring your own backpack! You will need it to take along your belongings (food, drink etc.). So you’ll be able to eat wherever you are during the activities. Everyone is responsible for their own catering. There is a grocery store in Engelberg (f.e. Coop).

Whatever you’ll be doing, you are always responsible for yourself at any time! Do not overestimate yourself. Be aware of high altitudes: it’s more difficult to breathe and not many people are used to it.

Additional expense Organized activities with additional costs have to be paid either in advance directly to the account or on site at the cash desk (see details at pre-activities).
All amounts have to be paid in CHF (Swiss francs) only. Please have your change ready.

Visitor’s card
Each participant will get a visitor’s card. This card entitles the holder for discounts on most trains and admissions and a free shuttle bus in Engelberg. So please make sure you always have your visitor’s card on you – without you’ll have to pay full price.

Hiking Pass for cable cars
Depending on the activities you are planning to do, it might be a good idea to buy the hiking-pass. It is worth comparing the single-/return-prices and the pass (Hiking-Pass is valid for 2 days or more. Check the website)

Register for activities marked with ‘R’:
Sign up and pay for the EAM first
For activities marked with ‘R’ you have to register. Be fast, some have limited amount of spots (see numbers). First come first serve!
For all other activities: You can go at any time; those are self-guided tours (suggestions).