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Rates per night / per room, valid from June 4-18, 2018.

2 bed roomAdventureCHF 99
- occupied -
3 bed roomExplorerCHF 135
- occupied -
4 bed roomGlobetrotterCHF 180
- occupied -
5 bed roomCrashpadsCHF 234
- occupied -
6 bed roomCrash Pads or PathfinderCHF 261
- occupied -
7 bed roomPathfinderCHF 288
- occupied -
8 bed roomCrash PadsCHF 315
- occupied -

Find your roommates and book your room.

The price includes the following services:

– Breakfast
– City tax and VAT
– Wi-Fi
– Guest card Engelberg

The Spannort Inn is a rather small boutique style Hotel which will most likely not host all of us. To give the participants, that stay two or more nights, the chance to book these rooms we have decided to set a minimum stay of two nights. For one night bookings, please refer to the Hotel Crystal.

A registration code will be sent to you after the registration fee has been received.
Hotel reservation only thru email (mail to: stay(at)!

The payment is due 30th April 2018.